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About Tarshi Mack


Tarshi D. Mack

Who Am I?

I will put you at ease, build your trust, encourage you to speak your mind, and listen to you without judgement.

I am a professional life coach who will guide you into making the right choices and ensure you come out a winner at every turn by giving you the confidence you need to believe that you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it.

You Have the Floor to Discuss Anything and Everything that Has Been Plaguing Your Mind and Preventing You from Living the Life You Were Always Meant to Live

As a certified professional coach and founder of The Woman Cave, I have your best interests in mind because when you succeed, I succeed. I continue to gain and share knowledge with my clients. Whether I am talking to you one-on-one, as part of a group, or to an organization as a whole, I only have one aim in mind — to help you find the answers you seek.

Let me help you reach your destination by offering you the strategies and tools you need to transform yourself into a capable and driven person. Being content in all aspects of your life is the highest form of satisfaction you can get.

But Reaching That Requires a Little Push, and I Am that Push

Everyone struggles in life. The key is to end the struggle by seeking guidance and advice from a trained, certified, and experienced professional life coach. I am here to listen and provide you with an objective analysis of your situation.

I want to make you feel comfortable and encourage you to share your thoughts and concerns with me. Whether you are part of a group discussion or meeting me one-on-one, you will be at ease throughout the coaching session.

I will offer you direction and together, we will set goals for you to accomplish. If you get stuck, I will motivate you to continue and come up with different ways you can achieve your goals and move closer to living a fulfilling life.

Remember, I can only help you if you want to help yourself. If you want to bring change into your life, let us do it together as a team and go from there.

My Hunger For Knowledge Never Stops, Nor Does My Commitment To Helping People Become Better Professionals And Find A Balance In Their Lives

When you recruit me as a life coach, you will become a permanent member of The Woman Cave. The Woman Cave offers Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Coaching, Career Coaching, and more.

Whichever Coaching Program Suits You, Book an Appointment

With me assisting, guiding, and coaching you through the various challenges in your professional career and personal life, you will feel the confidence rising in you to seize opportunities you never thought you could before.

Book your appointment and let’s get the ball rolling because your professional and personal life is about to get better than ever before.

My experience as a

Certified Professional Life Coach

My background and educational mix have built a tool belt that offered organizations a wealth of knowledge from leadership development to mentoring for successful implementation. The opportunity for helping organizations bridge the gap in many areas is rewarding and assist with people development to career planning. I’m a change agent that has contributed and implemented key processes from small to large organizations and help stabilize and bring consistency to fundamental improvements. 


2016 - Present  |  CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach)


My expertise has awarded me the opportunity to meet and coach a variety of clients from a personal and professional perspective with varying backgrounds to include adolescents to adulthood. I provide a road map to accomplishing goals and sustaining results.

1993 – Present


M.S. (Master of Science) Industrial and Organizational Psychology  |  Leadership Development and Coaching


B.S. (Bachelor of Science) Business Operations Management

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