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My Services


Individual Coaching

We will explore your professional and personal life to identify your goals and establish strategies to accomplish your goals. Divided into several sessions,
we will track your progress, and if you get stuck, I will
be there to cheer you on.


  • Emotional support, encouragement, and empathy

  • Enhanced leadership quality and improved
    succession planning

  • Improved professional and personal relationships

  • Increased commitment and motivation

  • Increased focus, clarity, and strategic direction

  • Increased levels of confidence and competence

  • Quicker action for achieving objectives

Group coaching is an enriching experience that helps members of the group learn from what I have gone through and accomplished in my life as well as from each other’s experience. I customize each coaching session, depending on the group’s requirements.


  • Developing and selecting a growth mindset

  • Understanding values and beliefs

  • Setting goals

  • Attaining a work-life balance

  • Stress management at work and home

  • Setting and prioritizing boundaries

  • Building confidence and motivation

  • Expanding social capital and building relationships

  • Finding solutions for obstacles

  • Gaining perspective from other group members

Organizational development aims to foster a positive and systematic transformation within the organization. I assist organizations to align and integrate strategy, structure, talent, processes, metrics, and rewards to create capable individuals, groups and teams, and systems. As an outsider, looking in, I can help organizations design solutions that will impact their ROI and improve the overall effectiveness of the organization.



  • Enhance leadership capability

  • Achieve strategic objectives

  • Create culture change

  • Increase revenue

  • Retention of top performers

  • Increasing employee engagement

  • Improved team performance and morale

  • Taking accountability of action, outcome, and results

Leadership development and coaching can help organizations find potential leaders in their employees and groom them to leadership positions in the organization.


  • Retaining leaders in the organization

  • Helping organizations find and select leaders within the organization

  • Assisting executive leaders to obtain the necessary skills needed to lead an evolving organization

  • Grooming employees for leadership roles by strengthening their existing skills and helping them attain new skills

  • Providing newly hired or promoted executive with crucial strategies needed for the growth and success of the organization

  • Helping newly-hired executives, coming from another organization, understand and adjust to the culture of their new workplace


Career Coaching

Through career coaching, I will help you recognize your value as a professional, help you establish a career, not a job, become more confident, and your career, ensure you remain accountable yet motivated and help you navigate tough career decisions and guide you into making the right one. If you are stuck or are not moving forward or are not where you thought you imagined you would be, I can help you define your path.


  • Identifying the various options and choices you
    have in your career

  • Helping you understand your career goals to
    move forward within your chosen career

  • Determining if your chosen career brings you professional satisfaction

  • Supporting you during your search for a job
    by offering you feedback

I have been an active participant in various panel discussions hosted in and out of the country. I have spoken on various topics, ranging from life challenges career development, work-life balance, goal development, job satisfaction, organizational culture,
and more.


One of the widely discussed topics is how necessary professional satisfaction is to achieve personal fulfillment. At the panel discussions, I continually elaborate on various aspects of personal life, such as self-love, personal relationships, self-motivation, self-confidence, goal setting, and more.



I have knowledge and years of expertise to speak on a wide range of topics impacting the modern organization. Organizations invite me to sit at conferences and seminars to discuss my views on a chosen topic of interest, highlight issues preventing them from succeeding, offering them solutions to resolve them, andending it with a question and answer session.

Your journey to professional and personal fulfillment starts now. Book an appointment with me today.

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