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Bridging the Gap – How Parents Can Connect With Their Children

The relationship between a child and a parent is quite delicate. Saying the wrong thing can build resentment in their delicate hearts in a matter of seconds. This doesn’t mean that you walk on eggshells. You simply have to put in a little extra effort to bridge the gap between you and your children.

On a busy day, have you ever suddenly realized that you didn’t pay any attention to your child? They were just shuffled from their room to the breakfast counter and then to the bus. When you came back home, they were doing their homework, and after having their screen time, they went to bed.

We understand that it can be a little difficult to balance work and personal life, and when the latter involves kids, you feel like you are failing as a parent. So, how about making some mini-connections? It’s our version of connection that requires zero prep and allows you to have a great time with your kid.

Below are five simple ways to build a connection with your kid:

1.Give Them a Code Word for Sticky Situations

A great relationship-building technique is to give your kid the opportunity to trust you no matter where they are. By coming up with a secret code word, your kid can tell you when they are feeling uncomfortable so that you can remove them from the situation without embarrassing them.

2.Take Interest in Their Special Interests

Parents often see their kids playing video games and criticize them for wasting their time rather than doing something productive. Did you know that there are plenty of gamers out there who have made a killer living by beating world records? Even if you don’t like what your kid does, take some time out and get involved in their interests. Whether it’s playing video games, making YouTube videos, or anything else, make an effort to learn what they like so that you can get to know them better.

3.Eat Meals Together

This might seem a simple enough task but can be quite impossible to manage. So, first things first ― cook your kid’s favorite meal and set a trend of bonding on the dinner table. No phones should be allowed during this time. Start by telling them how your day went, and ask them to do the same. This way, you will be able to learn any struggles they are facing and offer advice on how to solve them.

4.Make a DIY Project Together

Crafting is the best way to spend some quality time with your kid. Choose a simple project that matches your kid’s interest and then get all excited about it to hype them up. DIY projects tend to run long and require your complete attention. During this time, you will get to learn your kid’s fears and frustrations, which will help you deal with them in difficult situations.

5.Respect Their Choices

We all want to shield our kids from the bad out there in the world. If your go-to line is, “We know better,” you have got to change it. Kids want to feel independent and that means trying to make it on their own. This is a great confidence-building and conquering fear technique. Just let them know that you are there for them and will help them if they face any problems.

Your kids need to know and believe that they are the top priority in their parent’s life. This trust works as a stress management system, which they can rely on. Kids grow up pretty fast so don’t sweat the small stuff and focus more on spending precious time together and make every day special.


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