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How to Build a Strong Friendship Bond

Two Girl Friends

That first day of school when you shared half your sandwich with the girl who accidentally tripped holding her lunch tray, the next day when you sat together in math class and solved problems together, the science fair when you’re partnered up and made a science project and won second place… these are all the memories that build your friendship.

At a certain stage in your life, friendships help you keep things together. In a way, they define us, influence us, and make us want to be a better person. With a friend by your side, it feels like you can conquer the world. You know what they say, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

So, what happens to you when your bond becomes a little weak because life happened? Does this mean that you make the occasional weekly phone call and go out once a month because you lost touch? If you are a true friend, you will do everything in your power to bring that person in your life with who you shared EVERYTHING.

Don’t know how to? Here are some tips:

Ask Your Burning Question

You have been friends for a while, but lately, something has been bothering you. Because of this feeling, you aren’t able to connect with your friend on the same level as you once did. Get it out and NOW! Friends shouldn’t have any secrets, and they should feel comfortable enough to tell each other everything. So, ask your burning question and make sure that your friend understands where you are coming from.

Reveal Something Vulnerable About Yourself

Sometimes, opening up to your friend is the best way of conquering fear and showing them that you care about their opinion. A friend’s job is to listen and give you advice, which you don’t want to listen to, but you know that it’s the real deal. So, reveal your vulnerable side and expose the pain you have been carrying to ease the burden.

Celebrate Your Friend’s Smallest Achievements

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or the date when they got their dream job, celebrate it! Happy moments like these matter and are forever remembered.

Think of a Memory of You Two Together and Tag Them on Facebook

It’s the era of memes and funny videos. Have you come across one that aptly describes a memory when you had a great time together? Write a heartfelt post and tag your friend in it. Let them know that you are thinking about them.

Keep Your Promises

Best friends don’t break promises! They go the extra mile to make sure that what their friend asked for is done on time. If you think that you won’t be able to do what your friend asked for, don’t agree to it. Better be honest than get stuck in a difficult position where you might have to lie to your friend.

Friends are the key to getting rid of your stress. They are the reason for your motivation, and with their confidence-building advice, you can do absolutely everything.


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