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How to Beat Back Your Fears

You can manifest your fears into reality. The way these fears manifest can be so overpowering that it makes you feel helpless sometimes. People often advise others, “Conquer your fears,” but they don’t realize that this is easier said than done!

The first rule of beating your fears is embracing them. Yes, they exist, and they stop you from achieving what you want and desire. Let’s look at why this happens. Let us change your perspective ― fear doesn’t keep you inactive, but it pushes you to act in a way that generates results.

How about that! Let fear be your guide and take control because the moment you understand that your fears are inconsequential, you will be able to do anything.

Fear Paralyzes Action

When fear strikes, the common reaction that we all have is, “I can’t!”

A pit forms in your stomach, negative thoughts fill your mind, your mouth goes dry, and your heart starts to pound erratically. These physical and psychological manifestations cause negative habits that quickly form a pattern.

Below are five confidence-building tips that will help you put fear in the back seat:

1.Perfect Two Words ― “As If”

They say, talk the talk, and walk the walk. That’s exactly how you should be carrying yourself in a situation when conquering fear. As soon as a thought crosses your mind that has the potential to cripple you, scoff at it and say, “As if!” This technique is great for building confidence and boosting your willpower.

2.Imagine the Worst

This approach might seem a bit contradictory; imagining the worst in a situation where you are already panicking doesn’t seem that good of an idea. However, that’s exactly what you should do! Perhaps, you will have a heart attack, or a natural disaster will befall you right there and then. Not likely. The chances of this happening are as much as you winning the lottery.

3.Stop Trying to be Perfect

Fear usually rises when you feel you are not at your best. Everyone experiences bad days, and life is messy. So, trying to put everything in a box could have impacted you negatively. Hence, you need to adopt an easy-breezy attitude like, “I did the best I could.”

4.Practice “The Law of Reversibility”

This law states, “When you feel a certain way, you act according to your feelings you have at that moment.”

However, when you act in a way based on your feeling, even when you don’t feel that way, the law creates the feeling which matches your actions.

In simple words, the only way to build courage is to discipline yourself repeatedly by doing what you fear. Eventually, the fear will disappear.

5.Visualize Your Happy Place

Fear always follows panic. The moment you start to panic about something, you feel fearful, and this is what stops you in your tracks. To get rid of panic, visualize your happy place — somewhere you feel warm, safe, and comfortable. For example, lying on the beach, snuggled in bed with your dog, a happy childhood memory, etc. Your negative thoughts will immediately die down, and you will have this motivation in you to move forward.

After every episode of conquering fear, celebrate your success. It’s the little things that matter, and even doing something as simple as climbing a tree when you fear heights is big. So, don’t let your negative thoughts limit you because you can do much more.

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