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How to Bring About a Purposeful Change in Your Life

The sweet combination of a loving family, a good and supporting friends’ circle, and a successful career is the recipe for leading the perfect life. However, not all of us can check each one of these boxes. There’s always something missing that makes your life feel incomplete.

If you also feel this way, keep reading because what you will learn here today will be a profound experience.

Finding Your Purpose – Why Do You Need It?

According to a study published in the journal of Applied Psychology, individuals who are extremely happy and have a sense of control over their life, tend to live a fruitful life. No kidding! Another study revealed that having a sense of purpose also improves health. These people are 30% less likely to pass away from problems such as heart attacks and stroke. Moreover, they are lower on the risk list of developing any disabilities or dementia.

So, did you have your “aha” moment? Because you’ve got to start living and that too more purposefully if you want to experience new things in the world!

Here are five tips on how to live a purposeful life:

1.Let Your Inner Child Come Out and Ask “Why?”

If you have kids, you probably have gone through the “Why” phase. For those who don’t know about this, it’s a phase where kids ask questions like:

  • Why is earth round?

  • Why can’t I squeeze the cat?

  • Why do I need to eat my veggies?

Apply this to yourself and ask yourself why you are doing something before you start doing it. Perhaps, you will find deeper meaning and satisfaction in your task.

2.Don’t Leave It on Tomorrow

There’s an adage that goes, “Do tomorrow’s work today, and today’s work now.”

A befitting saying for those who procrastinate a lot! Things will not magically improve if you put your work on hold. So, no matter how small your steps start anything as soon as possible.

3.Say “No”

Your time is precious so don’t waste it on frivolous things by saying “yes.” This doesn’t mean say “no” to everything. Just be conscious of your decisions.

4.Explore Your Interests

Is there a topic or activity that you are interested in? Do you regularly talk about it on Facebook and participate in group chats? Do you find yourself sharing articles on it? This is one of the things that allow you to unearth your deep-down interests that got buried due to the daily grind in your life. It’s time you indulged in them and made a hobby out of them.

5.Mingle with Positive People

People who hold a negative perspective of the world and life will always pull you down with them so avoid them! You can draw inspiration from positive people and bring a little change in your life that will benefit you now and in the future.

So, are you up to the challenge? It’s not too difficult now, is it? Imagine all the good that will enter your life just by changing your perspective a little! This is what living purposefully is all about.


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