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Procrastination – Signs That You Are a Sloth

Have you ever thought that perhaps the reason behind your habit of making excuses is because you are a procrastinator? Worst, when people are talking about their goals and passions, the only exciting thing you come up with in your mind is that you would rather spend your time lazing around in the house or taking an afternoon nap.

You, my friend, are the combination of a procrastinator and a sloth!

Not only do you do things late and still find reasons to delay them, but you also look for a way out to completely avoid the task at hand altogether.

If your life is forever stuck on loading, you need to take some active actions and start doing things or else. It’s possible you might get stuck in this limbo:

Now that you have discovered that it’s high time you changed your habits and became a more productive person, let’s look at the most common signs of procrastination:

1.You and Your Snooze Button Have a Long-Standing History

Have you made it a habit to hit the snooze button on your mobile phone?

Your sleep cycle is quite delicate. Once disrupted, it can cause a lot of problems. For example, when you press the snooze button, you get yourself stuck in the space between sleep and wakefulness, which is called sleep inertia. That 15 minutes of sleep you think was great is actually making you feel more lethargic throughout the day. So, we suggest that you stop doing that!

The best way to get rid of this problem is to hide your mobile phone so that you have to get up and out of bed or buy a running alarm clock.

2.You Give Up Easily

Do you leave things in the middle when you can’t get them done? That’s one of the biggest traits of a procrastinator! Why not try strategic thinking for a change? Map out your task, set goals, make a plan, take into account the pros and cons, and then start. This way, if you fail the first try, you can go for a different technique.

3.You Are the Reason for Everyone’s Complaints

You arrive late, always whine, make everyone frown, and you blamed others. Yup, sounds like you practice your speech sitting in the car to make sure you have the answer to everything. This way, if someone says that it’s your fault, you can turn the tables around.

To turn this around, plan your day the night before. Don’t get into something time-consuming, right before you are about to head out. Lastly, set reminders so that you can learn accountability.

4.You Love the Full Hours

You are the type of person, who likes to start things by the hour. For example, it’s the weekend, and your closet needs rearranging. You look at the clock, and it shows the time is 6:25 P.M. You say you will start at 7:00 P.M. After a while when you check the clock, it’s 7:15 P.M. You say you will now start at 8:00 P.M. Do you see a pattern here?

To fix this, why not turn your thinking around. For example, “If I start now, I will be done by 7:00 P.M. Then, I can watch my favorite TV shows.”

5.You Find Your Weekend Boring

That’s because you don’t want to do anything! So, start with something small, like a morning walk or coffee at your local café? Maybe read a book sitting on the bench in a park. Do anything that makes you relax and isn’t too strenuous.

We all know how alluring the call of procrastination is. However, once you give in to the urge, it can be very difficult to come out of the haze. So, try the tricks we have mentioned and you will slowly feel the change in yourself.

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