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How Not to Lose Yourself When Climbing the Social Ladder

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

Stephen R. Covey

It often happens that when you are too high on success, constantly achieving becomes a need. The desire to climb to new heights blinds you to the important things in life, and you start to see them go by as an outsider. Let’s look at some of the signs that tell you are too far gone:

  • You prioritize work above your family

  • You cuddle your smartphone more than your partner or kids

  • You put your “values” on the wall in the break room

  • You find family and personal pictures in other peoples’ cubicles annoying

  • You always “Think BIG” and leave the details to other people

  • You don’t challenge the status quo because it’s equivalent to tendering your resignation

  • When someone at a meeting or party asks you about your job, you immediately say your title because you are proud of it

Do these explain the kind of person you are?

If you answered some or most of these with a “yes”, you need to rethink your current way of living. Here’s how you can keep yourself in check:

Follow the 3 C’s – Creativity, Confidence, and Competence

  • Confidence building is the key to success, and overconfidence is what gets you hooked to the social ladder. So, trust in yourself to the point that you don’t sacrifice other things in your life.

  • Build the courage to do things you are afraid to.

  • Let your creativity come out and play to see where the journey takes you.

Fall Back in Love With the Things You Used to Do

Note down all the things you loved to do before things became so complicated. From exercising to yoga, dancing, arts and crafts, etc… nothing is off-limits.

Practice Empathy

Unless you understand the feelings of others, you won’t be able to stop yourself from boasting about your accomplishments. This negative trait of yours annoys people to the point that they will stop talking to you eventually. It’s time that you started listening instead of speaking over others.

Develop the Mindset of Champions

Excellence does not have a shortcut. A champion’s mindset knows the art of conquering fear and strategic thinking, whereas a social climber sees no hurdle. This is why you need to be thankful for your success. Fear of failing will keep you in line and stop you from aiming for things out of your league. That’s your overconfidence talking, which will eventually take you down.

Our lives go through change all the time, whether that change is made by us or provoked by others? So, stop sacrificing things and your loved ones in the name of success, and you will find the perfect balance between being yourself and accepted.


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