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Should You Change Your Personality In Order to Become a Better Version of Yourself?

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Yes, you can and should change your personality to become a better version of yourself!

Let’s state the fact right off the bat, because there’s no debating about it. There was a time when experts would have said “no” in reply to this question because you are born with a personality. At the tender age of 5, your personality starts to settle, and you start to work on it to develop an image.

For example, if a child loves climbing trees, then perhaps, they have an adventurous nature. This trait will be with them till the day they can no longer physically complete the act. They might encounter some hurdles along the way such as developing a fear of heights due to a nasty of fall but as long as they know the tact to conquering fear, they will persevere.

As a person grows and evolves, some of the traits might seem unacceptable even to you. Hence starts the long journey of changing yourself to adapt to your surroundings and keeping up with the world.

In short, we have established that a little inner motivation can help you do anything.

Factors That Shape Your Personality

Let’s talk about nature vs. nurture. What’s your opinion?

Do genetics (nature) shape our personality or does our environment, experiences, and upbringing (nurture)?

Our answer ― both have an influence.

Both genetics and environment play an important role in our lives. For example, you are generally a very calm, collected, and laidback person. However, stress at work has made you uptight and short-tempered. Your nature makes you a better person, but the way you were and are nurtured is destroying the good in you. Now, if the situations were changed and you had a harsh disposition, perhaps surrounding yourself with children would have made you more composed.

How to Change Your Personality for Good

What’s the first thing in general that people notice to form an impression about you?

It’s your behavior.

If you can change that, you will be able to spot your negative traits.

So, how does one go about doing this?

Changing Your Belief System: We all operate according to our beliefs — personal, cultural, and religious ones. If you open yourself up and make new beliefs that bring a positive change in your life, you can control your personality.

Coping Strategies: There are different types of personalities, ranging between A and D. For example, Type A personality people are work-obsessed and competitive, and this means that they are always under duress. To change the way you think, you can learn stress management techniques and coping skills that allow you to feel relaxes when faced with a challenge.

Tips on How to Change Your Personality

  • Learn New Habits: Surround yourself with positive people who have a good influence on you. This way, you will learn something new from them.

  • Focus on Efforts Rather Than the Accomplishments: Yes, you achieved your goals but have you ever reflected back on the path you walked and the challenges you faced? That’s your true accomplishment.

  • Act the Part: If you can’t hack it, act it! Meaning ― don’t do what comes naturally. If you want to change your personality, act the part. Eventually, it will become second nature.

Are you ready to bring a positive change in your life? If “yes,” it’s time you reflect on your beliefs and figure out which ones have become outdated.


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